Set a strong foundation with our bored piers!‚Äč
When you need professional bored piers in Melbourne, ABM excavations is the one you need to call. With our state-of-art equipment and skilled team, we guarantee to provide the most expert and cost-effective products and services in the industry.

Why hire us for bored piers in Melbourne?

  • At Abm excavation, bored piers are installed with minimum vibration and much lesser noise.
  • Being used in a wide range of applications, bored piers offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to all the projects requiring multiple load cases to be applied to the pile.
  • Our bored piers are adaptable to most ground conditions.

Benefits of Bored Piers

Bored Piers are a popular foundation method for the following reasons:

  • Length can be readily changed to suit varying or difficult ground conditions, such as where the soil is prone to swelling.  In this case the piers can simply be extended through unstable soil until suitable ground is penetrated.
  • The small amount of space required for bored piers provides a favorable solution for installing structures such as monopoles or self supporting towers in confined areas.
  • A single drilled pier can take up the load of a group of driven piles.
  • Piers have higher resistance to lateral loads
  • Environmentally speaking, bored piers deliver the following advantages:
    • minimise backfill
    • eliminate the need to undertake large excavations
    • produce very little vibration and cause minimal disruption to the adjacent soil and nearby structures, therefore, retaining the strength of the surrounding soil
  • Base of drilled pier provides greater bearing capacity and great resistance to uplift.
  • Bored piers are easily adaptable to varying site conditions i.e. when soil contains rock.
  • Bored piers are an affordable option.

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